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Emnet er arkiveret og er nu lukket for yderligere svar.

At glædes ved det gode

The Artist of Praise

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At glædes ved det gode

The Artist of Praise


An artist can be many things,

but is never in it for the rings

The emblem of creativity proudly they wear

A world without them my heart could not bear

Believe in them, and they will take you out of your despair


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

but I never knew anyone bolder

and so much the creative manage to shoulder

So much there is to understand

when you take our hand


When presented with your magical wonder,

I most proudly hear roaring thunder

You are certainly not in it for a raise,

but would merely rejoice in my praise

Your creations will forever hold my gaze


In all of us an ability innate

To brilliant genius to open the gate

No one could ever have a kinder fate

You can do me no wrong

by singing me your song

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