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What tools will we find in a rotary kit?


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In each rotating student instrument you will normally find 4 elements: a handpiece, a contra-angle, a turbine and a micromotor. We can also distinguish them as high and low speed tools.

High-speed instruments include the Turbine, and low-speed instruments include the handpiece, the contra-angle handpiece and then the dental micromotor.

The dental turbine handpiece is connected directly to the hose of the dental equipment. While the handpiece and contra-angle handpiece are connected to the micromotor (which in turn is connected to the equipment hose) to be able to work.

Inside the rotating tools we can find a wide variety of features and different technical descriptions that differentiate each element. To know the main concepts, here is what to consider in each tool.

Hose connection: The turbine can be connected directly to the hose (simply by screwing) or with a quick coupling (one click), for which an additional connection part included in the kit is required. Find out what your university's equipment hose looks like to make sure it's compatible.
Button system: When you open the turbine clamp by pressing a button, it is important to note whether it is soft or hard. The softness will make it easier for the wearer and prevents possible future damage.
Body:The smoother it is, the easier it is to clean effectively.
Light: In the turbine depends on the needs of each to choose with or without light.
Irrigation: The ideal standard is 3 or 4 spray holes, if there are fewer holes we can generate incorrect irrigation and if we have more than 4 holes we can cause problems when there are obstructions.
Sound level: What interests us is that it generates the lowest sound level, prolongs the life of the engine and that the lubricant remains in the bearing. It is important that the turbine has the ceramic ball bearing, it is usually the most standard, and in forty thousand revolutions the ball bearing is good.

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