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The prominent application of industrial coating


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The prominent application of industrial coating is in automotive OEMs due to development of the aerospace industry and increasing in demand for safety requirement that is followed in this industry. Other application like marine coatings possess properties like anti-corrosive and anti-fouling which are highly used in manufacturing vessels in cargo ships. Protective . maintenance coatings is used for steel bridges, oil rigs . equipment' and in petroleum products for protecting from corrosion and wear .

Therefore, automotive OEMs has the maximum share in the global industrial coatings market and it is expected to increase further in the forecasted period due to growing need for safety requirements. Other application like coil coatings which are applied on metal sheets, electric coils and strips which are used in electrical components are sold to OEMs will fuel the demand for industrial coatings market in future.Industrial Coatings Industry is witnessing significant growth on account of its properties such as excellent fire protection coating solution, corrosion resistance and durability. Industrial Coatings produced based on technology are water borne and solvent borne. Solvent borne technology is projected to account for largest market share but in years to come this scenario might change due to environment hazards.

Development in water borne  Polyester Powder Coatings Manufacturers industrial coatings has replaced the solvent borne coatings owing to environmental concern and legislations to limit volatile organic content (VOC) emission. Additionally, growing demand of powder coatings due to solvent free is boosting the industrial coatings industry. Powder coating is used for coating lightning fixtures, electrical components, laptop, computer cabinets, mobile phone, file drawer, toolboxes.

Powder coated products does not release VOC which benefit environment thereby, driving industrial coatings demand.Industrial Coatings Market is used for protecting products from corrosion as well as protecting them from getting exposed to other chemicals. Industrial coatings are broadly classified into solvent based, powder based and water based coatings. 

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