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How do you disinfect a dental unit?


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The disinfection of the following elements must be taken into account:

Process water: recent studies have shown that the dental cooling system can be colonized by different pathogens. Water stagnation during the night or insufficient cleaning of centralized decalcification systems favor the development of algae or micro-organisms such as fungi that then form a biofilm. There are several water disinfection techniques, such as the use of UV power to eliminate bacteria and prevent the growth of biofilm, or automatic cleaning and disinfection systems that treat water with specially designed products that are permanently distributed in low doses.

The chair such as portable dental chair unit: all patients sit in it and as such it is can be splashed with blood, saliva and other bodily fluids during routine dental care. If the chair is not properly disinfected, patients and caregivers can be exposed to all kinds of microorganisms such as herpes viruses, HIV, hepatitis B and C, staphylococci, streptococci, etc. These microorganisms can be transmitted through direct contact with blood or bodily fluids, or even, in some cases, through indirect contact with contaminated objects. The dental chair can also be exposed to parasites such as lice or bed bugs. It is therefore crucial to disinfect it with appropriate products after each use.

The surfaces: to limit the growth of bacteria, antibacterial coatings on the metal surfaces of the dental unit portable can be effective. All surfaces must be cleaned with disinfectant. Some manufacturers offer dental units that automatically adjust the position of the chair or the position of the instruments, thus avoiding as much as possible contact with the hands and reducing the risk of contamination.

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