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Arthritic joints work best when they aren't overly burdened


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The recent withdrawal of Vioxx and Bextra from the marketplace, due to concerns over unwanted side effects, has many arthritis sufferers concerned.   These drugs, which belong to a powerful class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as COX-2 inhibitors, are quite effective at fighting the pain and inflammation of arthritis.  Unfortunately, they have been linked to increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.  

Their manufacturers have voluntarily withdrawn them from the market.There are still alternative medications available, such as Celebrex, and traditional medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Aspirin and ibuprofen may not be suitable for everyone, as they can cause stomach discomfort in some people.  While a good anti-inflammatory can certainly provide more comfort for arthritis pain, there are some non-medicinal steps that patients can take that may provide some relief from their pain.Get plenty of rest.  Your body works best when it's well-rested, and it's a well-known fact that most Americans fail to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night.Exercise.  Joints and muscles work best when they're well toned, and that is true for arthritis sufferers as well as the public at large.  Not all exercises will be appropriate, however. A patient with arthritic knees will probably not benefit from playing basketball or tennis.  Low impact exercise like walking or water aerobics may help, however.  Patients farm pond aerator with arthritis are advised to discuss exercise options with their physician.Watch your weight.  Arthritic joints work best when they aren't overly burdened.

 If you are overweight, you are making a bad situation worse by forcing your joints to work harder than they otherwise might.  A loss of just a few pounds could make a huge difference, especially if you suffer from arthritic knees.These tips are certainly not intended to be a substitute for medication, but with a chronic condition like arthritis, every little bit that you can do to ease the stress on your aching joints can provide a bit more relief.?Copyright 2005 by Retro Marketing.  Charles Essmeier is the owner of Retro Marketing, a firm devoted to informational Websites, including Bextra-Info.net, a site devoted to the withdrawn drug Bextra and Structured Settlement Help.a site devoted to structured settlements.

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