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There was a man dyeing that my family knew real well


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 There  was a man dyeing, that my  family knew real well, he had not been  the type of person that most people would  want around them. A  drunkard, a beater of women, user of every foul language,  his  marriage ended in divorce, his own son didn't want anything to do  with him. He  had been minister to many times, he had heard the  word preached and still he  refused the calling of the Holy ghost  to repent. On his death bed, my brother-in  law was speaking to him  about Jesus and just before he died he said, I've had my  chance,  I've turned Jesus down one too many times.

I can feel the heat on  my  feet, My legs are on fire. And just as he took his last breath  he screamed, I  can see Hell, and he died. What will you be doing  while the world is on fire?  Revelations 8:9, And the second angel  sounded, and as it were a great mountain  burning with fire was  cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became  blood.  8:9 , And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea and  had  life, died, and a third part of the ships were destroyed. Where  are you going to  run, where are you going to hide? Where is there,  a place of safety or a shelter  from an angry God? The United States  has the greatest Navy in the world, second  to none, they are going  to be destroyed, in a heart beat, in a flash of  fire. Gone. Blood  shall fill the ocean, fish and men will die, their great battle  cruisers, air craft carriers, submarines, will be destroyed, blood  and fire  mingled with smoke, where will you be? You say, it cant  happen, it a fairy tail.  

Look at history, look at Psalms, 78:43,  How He had wrought His signs in Egypt,  and His wonders in the  field of Zoan. And had turned their rivers, into blood,  and their  floods, that they could not drink. 78:49, He cast upon them the  fierceness of His anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble,  by sending them  evil angels among them. Don't say that it wont  happen , don't say that it cant  happen, say when. These are all  part of the trumpet judgments in Revelations,  this action takes  place after the rapture, the church wont be here. And if you  think  that the anti-christ will take care of you, your right, he will.  If you  refuse his mark, 666 you will be killed and if you take  it God will destroy you.  Its your decision, if you will not harden  your heart, today is the day of  salvation. Make today the day  you give your heart to Jesus, don't let another  day slip by and  let some one else ask you, What will you be doing, When the  world  is on fire? end of part 1.Temple of Spirit & Truth MinistriesA.

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