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The Role of Suction in Dentistry

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Watching television commercials, and the apparent growing obsession with white teeth in the United States, you would think that dental health is of primary importance to most Americans. 

No matter their scope, all dental procedures have one thing in common: they require suction. And for mobile dentistry, which lacks the infrastructure of a permanent office, portable suction may be the only option, making dentistry and portable suction a valuable partnership.

Suction for dentistry achieves the same objectives as in any medical setting, be it surgery or EMS. This includes:

Removing blood, sputum, and vomit from the oral cavity
Preventing hypoxia by keeping the airway clear
Preventing aspiration and protecting the lower airway

Whenever a dentist or hygienist works within the oral cavity, there is always the risk of choking and aspiration. Blood, sputum, and vomit can enter the oropharynx, causing an obstruction. Suction also enables a clear visual field in which to work, allowing dental personnel the ability to manipulate tools and treat their patients.

Maintaining Your Suction Units
Portable suction machines require regular maintenance to ensure proper function. This includes:

Checking the units at the start of each shift
Cleaning the unit after each use, to avoid cross-contamination
Replacing low batteries and keeping extras on hand
Storing the units in safe areas to avoid damage or exposure to extreme temperatures
following the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance avoid warranty noncompliance

Suction plays a critical role in managing the airway during dental procedures. And with an increase in mobile dentistry, more and more portable suction machines will be implemented. Without effective suction, most forms of dental work would be impossible, making suction a valuable partner in mobile dentistry.

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