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Oyostepper specializes in offering 2-phase, 3-phase and 5-phase hybrid stepper motors, covering a wide range of applications with a frame size of NEMA 8 to NEMA 42. Made of high quality cold roll sheet copper and anti-high temperature permanent magnet, All of oyostepper hybrid stepper motors are a complete design of high reliability, high accuracy, and featuring low noise, low vibration, low engine heating and smooth running. Besides conventional solutions, custom housing and winding, shaft modification, as well as encoder, brake, gearbox adders are also available to optimize the product's performance for your needs. 

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Which is suitable for CNC? Stepper or Servo Motors?

When it comes to powering a CNC machine, the heart and soul of the machine relies in the engine. The CNC routers speed, accuracy, and precision all depend on the size and type of the motor. The two primary motor classes used with CNC machines are stepper motors and servo motors. Both types of motor have several variations from size to power. This article shows some pros and cons of each motor, which will help choosing a CNC motor much easier. The following pros and cons of both stepper moto




How do you disinfect a dental unit?

The disinfection of the following elements must be taken into account: Process water: recent studies have shown that the dental cooling system can be colonized by different pathogens. Water stagnation during the night or insufficient cleaning of centralized decalcification systems favor the development of algae or micro-organisms such as fungi that then form a biofilm. There are several water disinfection techniques, such as the use of UV power to eliminate bacteria and prevent the growth o



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