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The Bitter Experience of a Foreign Student in Copenhagen


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Christmas is a happy time. In the days people are filled with joy, I want to tell you a story about a poor foreign girl, who was bullied and droved off the door in the month when Jesus Christ was born, by her Danish landlady.


She is a foreign student in Copenhagen, and rents a room from a Danish family. Her landlords are Anne Skou, and Anne’s son Janick, a young man.


December 1, she was attacked by Anne when she left Anne’s house. Anne griped her hair, bit her fingers, scratched her face, seized her by her throat and wanted to kill her, and trod and broke her glasses on purpose. Anne threw all of her things out of the house and didn't give the poor girl any deposit back, the policeman was there as witness. The girl was sent to the hospital by the police to heal her wounds after the accident.


Cause of the Violence:

A big black dog visits the house more and more frequently and always has been there for several days since October (Anne is not the owner of the dog). The girl was put to great inconvenience because she is scared of dog and the dog has never been fasted and always been on the ground floor especially in the kitchen. So she would like to move out of the house before the end of their contract.


Course of the Violence:

1. October 29, she told Anne she would like to move out at the beginning of December, (more than a month before she is leaving). At that time Anne said ‘yes’. (The girl also wrote Anne an e-mail about this.) But later when they talked about the leaving day, Anne flatly denied what she said before. Anne tried to look for any excuse not to give the girl deposit back.

2. November 14, the girl gave Anne the formal notice in writing about the leaving. Two days later she got Anne’s written answer, and Anne told her she had to pay her rent until 15 December. The girl’s answer is, “I will pay the rent until 15 December and stay in the house until 15 December.”


3. After that day, Anne nursed thoughts of revenge. In the evening of November 25, she put the dog in front of the stairs on the ground floor. This is the only entrance to the kitchen. So the girl couldn’t cook dinner, even to get some water to drink. Anne sneered at the girl when she saw her so scared of the dog. So the girl asked for help from Janick, the younger son of Anne Skou. Her son tried to put the dog into the living room and closed the door. But Anne shouted at Janick and didn’t allow him to help the girl.


4. November 27, the girl went to her University to complain (the University introduces Anne to the girl). And the school called Anne and asked her to fasten the dog. Anne was very angry and made harsh rules directed against the girl. The girl is only allowed to go into kitchen in 3 fixed times per day, she cannot use the table in the kitchen, cannot have her dinner in kitchen, act. The girl told Anne she could not accept the harsh rules. Because her school is far away from where she lives and she have a heavy working load everyday, if she miss the cooking time, she will starve to death.


5. November 28, the school told the girl that Anne called them and asked her to leave on 1st December. The International Office of the school suggested her to accept it since she was in danger because of the dog and so on. The girl answers, “I can move out under the condition she gives all of my deposit back since she breaks the contract (Anne cannot let her tenant leave in 3 days), what’s more, I didn’t break or damage anything in the house.” November 29, the girl received the formal notice to ask her to leave in writing from Anne.


6. December 1, the girl asked for her deposit before she was leaving. According to the Danish law and her contract with Anne, the landlady has no reason to keep her deposit unless something is damage or break; therefore the girl have the right to ask for her deposit back. However, Anne refused to give her deposit back and what worst, she sprang on the girl, held the girl’s hair tightly, bit the girl’s fingers, scratched the girl’s face, and seized her by her throat in the attempt to kill her. At last the poor girl managed to run away from the house and called the police with the help of the neighbor. At the same time on that day, Anne trod, damaged and broke the leg of the girl’s glasses, threw all of her things out of the house and didn't give her any deposit back, the policeman was there as witness. Due to Anne’s violence, the girl was sent to the hospital by the police to heal her wounds. When the girl unpacked her staff that Anne threw out, she found a battery of her digital camera which she put in her black suitcase that morning disappeared.


It’s the bitter experience of a foreign student in Copenhagen. We are all foreign students, we’ve had the benefit of the educational exchange along governments, and felt the friendly enthusiasm from most of Danish People. We also want to be the eyewitness of your just society, and don’t hope such shameful thing happened again.


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Helle H


Her er der vist noget helt galt!


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