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Women love to feel and look good. Whether it’s due sexy lingerie China to wearing make-up to wearing luxury hosiery, no matter what you love to do to make yourself feel extra special it is important that you do it to ensure you feel confident and feminine.

For women who love their hosiery buy lingerie from China it is good to experiment with a range of designer tights brands as you never know what unique, stylish and beautiful designs that you may come across.  Trasparenze tights are an Italian brand that is well known for their high-quality, eye catching and extremely luxury designs.

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries around the world and it is home to some of the most amazing architecture, designers and people. The brand has managed to create such a strong vxyvx120 and desirable selection of impressive tights, hold-ups, body stockings, suspenders, fun tights, stockings and many more.

Hosiery is a fantastic way to buy lingerie from China give you an added boost to your outfit or underwear to make you feel womanly, confident and sexy which is why choosing the perfect items of hosiery to suit your style, lifestyle and taste is important as you need to feel comfortable.

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Its time for us to make a few valentines lingerie sexy lingerie China choices and we&'ve decided to go down the babydoll theme as we&'re really into our babydolls right now!

Here&'s 7 choices for all sizes of pockets and attitudes buy lingerie from China that would be great to wear on Valentines night. Remember its on a Saturday this year so you&'ll get a lie in Sunday morning!

Ayten Gasson Julia Silk BabydollAyten Gasson Julia Silk Babydoll

Our first choice is buy lingerie from China a little bit of luxury from Ayten Gasson. The Julia babydoll is made from luxurious silk with gorgeous English made lace adoring the cups. We love the open front that vxyvx120 closes with a little ribbon tie. Its currently priced at £78 and you can buy online from Joanna&'s Wardrobe.

Fantasy Lace Bodice BabydollFantasy Lace Bodice Babydoll

Choice number 2 is a fun and very pretty babydoll that reminds us a little bit of the 60&'s. It&'s a little bit naughty with the very low cut front and hug ribbon between the cups and it also comes with a string. Its currently priced at £23.99 and you can buy online from Cheeky Secrets.

Lise Charmel BabydollLise Charmel Babydoll

Now this really is something special. We absolutely love the red embroidery around the neckline and the sheer tulle that makes this babydoll extremely sexy and seductive. Its pure luxury and right now in the sale at just £91. You can buy from Je Te Veux.

Seven&'til Midnight Magenta BabydollMagenta Babydoll

Something for the more adventurous. This bright pink babydoll looks fantastic with its open front and open cups that give up an awful lot but not quite everything! Its comes with the matching thong and is priced at £29.95. You can buy online from Latex, Leather & Lace.

Mimi Holliday Oyster Whippy BabydollOyster Whippy Babydoll

This was one of our daily Likes the other week and we still absolutely love it. Oyster Whippy babydoll is a little bit of pure luxury from Mimi Holliday and we love all the lace, the ice pink satin and the fact it has a bit of a retro feel with the front opening clasp. Its currently priced at £126 and you can buy online from Fox & Rose.

Beauty Night Babydoll

Another babydoll that we think has a a bit of a retro feel to it with the mini skirt look and big wide halter neck strap. We love the lace of the cups, the huge bow and being in white it would make it a great item for valentines or honeymoon night. Its currently priced at £28.99 and you can buy online from Caressa Lingerie.

Nichole De Carle Opal BabydollNichole de Carle Opal Babydoll

Finally we&'ve chosen an item from Nichole de Carle that bridges the gap between babydoll and slip and looks fantastic. Its elegant and very sexy with the see through front panel and very deep neckline. The back has cross over twin straps and a very low cut back. Its priced right now in the sale at £88 and you can buy online from Pleasurements.

There's more to read!LIKE: Mimi Holliday Oyster Whippy Babydoll VALENTINES: Megan Babydoll GIFT: Alexia Babydoll Alexia Babydoll


Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey have only been together a month or two, and already they're sharing Oktoberfest Costume clothes.

The 19-year-old actress wholesale halloween costumes posted a sexy video to Instagram on Monday of her posing in nothing but a robe, sneakers, a lacy peach bra and her boyfriend's underwear. 

WATCH: Bella Thorne Confirms She's Bisexual to Fans on Twitter

This wasn't the only scantily clad photo that Thorne shared over the weekend. She also posted a topless photo of herself that revealed a huge tattoo of angel wings on her back. The ink is probably wholesale halloween costumes temporary as she did not have the tat in the bikini-clad pic she recently posted of herself on top of Posey.

Last week, Thorne explained to ET why it's important to express herself on social media. I'm, like, an open book, she said. But that's what I think that my fans enjoy about me the most, is that they feel like they really vxyvx120 know me. And they do, they really f--king know me.

MORE: Bella Thorne and Kian Lawley on Pooping Snapchats and the Intersection of YouTube and Acting

As for whether she's ever crossed the line with her posts, Thorne quipped, I guess I haven't learned the line of 'too far' yet, because I always do pooping snaps. People always get after me about my pooping snaps. You know what I tell them? ...I don't give a f--k!

The Famously in Love star is also helping Posey get acclimated to tweeting, snapping and Instagramming. He doesn't a lot on social media, so it's been... that's like the only thing that's been interesting is [that] I'm so about the socials and he isn't, she said of the 24-year-old Teen Wolf star. It's a little bit of like, teaching and learning and pushing and pulling.

WATCH: Bella Thorne Straddles Tyler Posey in Racy Bikini Shot, Calls Him Her 'Man Crush Everyday'


We&'d like to introduce Catherine Clavering swimwear manufacturer China who runs Kiss Me Deadly as a guest blogger for us today. Enjoy the post and don&'t forget to leave comments below.

On the extremely long list of things I wholesale swimwear can get really antsy about in the misuse of statistics in lingerie is percentages.

Frequently you will see press releases and news items containing lines such as such as “86% of women are wearing the wrong bra size”, “Suspender  belts sales grow by 58%!”. They are also useful when you are looking at vxyvx120 how well advertising converts to sales, your Google analytics, the value  of a customer to you, return rates, margins . . . all sorts of things.

So wholesale swimwear this is how you produce a percentage.

To calculate a percentage change:Simply subtract the old value from the new value, then divide by the old  value.

Multiply the result by 100 and slap a % sign on it. That&'s your percent  change.

For example, to compare your sales of swimsuits July 2013 as compared to  July 2012.

So you have a 62% increase in sales. Of course if it was the other way  round, you would have a negative number, which means a drop in sales.

To calculate something like sell through or conversion rates, think of  them in terms of fractions – 75% is 75/100, or ¾.

So far, so arithmetical. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, percentages without a context can be highly misleading, like all statistics.

Lets go through all the quoted examples to see what problems there can be.

The first theoretical headline, 86% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  this is just a research nightmare. It&'s very unusual for any statistic to be related to all women the world over. The chances of a generic statistic being either rigorously researched are very slim as there are all sorts of things that can cause variation – bias, sampling, how you define the  things you are measuring, the list goes on and on. Be wary of anyone asking you to apply a a statistic like this to your own customer base  without a full look at how they produced it!

Our second fake headline “Suspender belts sales grow by 58%!” is something  you often see in trend articles or puff pieces from brands or stores PR  people.

The problem is that it&'s really easy to produce startling figures by simply cherry picking from your data. What&'s the context for these sort of  figures? Is this up on last year, up on last month, up on last week? Did  they order more in in the first place meaning that last year they had a much more severe limit on how many they could sell? What are they including as a suspender belt, are they including shapewear with detachable garters? It&'s also very, very easy to demonstrate a massive  increase in figures when the starting point is very low – for example, we  grew 120% between our first year of trading and our second year. But our first year of trading, we only started selling 8 months into it, it was  part time and the amount we made that year was pretty tiny. If someone is  telling you they have had 200% increase in sales, but won&'t tell you the starting figure, you can wave a sceptical eyebrow because a 200% increase on £100 is not very much – whereas a 20% increase on £100,000 is much more money!

Now for the examples for your own statistics:  your (theoretical) increase in swimsuit sales is interesting and useful to know. But you can&'t just look at one statistic to know how you are doing.

In this example you also need to know:  did you also sell more bikinis – meaning your swimwear sales are up in general – or are you selling the same amount overall but with a swing towards one piece and away from bikinis?

Was this a one month blip? What is the overall trend on your swimwear? Did you run a promotion or get some press that affect this month – because you need to know what&'s working and if its cost effective!

What about your sell through? Well, this percentage is useful but only in  context again – you need two other figures to make the best use of it; how much you made on each bra sold (if you sold them all at full price, that&'s pretty good going, but if they have all been sold on a discount, obviously you&'ve got a problem).

You also need to know the speed at which they sold, because if you sell 75% of a range but it takes 12 months, for many retailers the fixed costs of storing and administrating them has eaten into the margin.

For KMD, we also find that some products don&'t necessarily have a good sell through rate, but having them around brings people into the store and gets us featured in the press, to the extent that it&'s worth having them because they improve sales in other areas. for us, those products are corsets, stockings, and the Garden Pantygirdle!

Catherine Clavering runs Kiss Me Deadly, a vintage inspired lingere brand in the independent sector, based in the UK. She moonlights writing for various blogs including here, the Huffington Post and The Lingerie Addict. You can find more business support from her and her team by joining the KMD wholesale account holders here.